Remote Support

You probably don’t want to be computer technician any more than I want to become a ballerina. If this is the case, you can easily hire me to fix your issue remotely. Provided you have Internet access, simply download the Computer Carl remote support software and I’ll have you good as new in no time!


Installing the remote support software will give Computer Carl full access to your computer. Be certain to close any private information on your screen prior to installing. When the service call is completed, I will uninstall the software unless you request it be left installed.

Below is a list of previously scheduled and ongoing remote sessions. If you have not already arranged a support session, please either purchase the micro-job you want resolved or contact me.

If you have having difficulty joining your session, would like to grant permanent access, or your tech (that’s me) has asked you to pre-install the software, you can download the remote control installation software in MSI or EXE version.


Carl Mann

Full-Stack Developer

Former owner of an I.T. consultancy business in Southampton, NY, Carl gave up the hustle-bustle of I.T. to live his dream of becoming a full-time application developer. When not busy blogging or programming, you might find Carl out taking a ride on his motorcycle or hiking off in some woodland trails.