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Qwartz.com – A highly-marketable six-letter dot com.


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Don’t miss out on your opportunity to own this quality 6-letter domain name registered since 2002. It is a great value and a great investment for your business, blog, community, or any website.

A Good Memory – Having the right domain name makes you memorable. Would amazon.com have done just as well with everythingyoucouldwanttobuy.com? My opinion is no; as SEO-friendly as it may seem, search engines are now penalizing super-keyword-spammy domains and, you would never type that domain once, nonetheless remember it for a second visit.

A Familiar Face – Having the right domain name not only immensely helps your online presence, but could also lead to more visitors to your physical store. Who wouldn’t want their customers to be loyal customers?

A Friendly Name – Having a good domain is the life-blood of a good online business. In fact, many top Internet sites have started on the basis of the name alone.

A Fair Price – As each day passes, thousands more domains are registered, making good domains a scarcity. Considering snoring.com and inception.com each just sold at auction for one-half million dollars, the asking price of qwartz.com is quite reasonable.

The Imposter Domains – We’re all aware of the dozens of alternative domains that were introduced – everything from .accountants to .zone. Though some, like the .ly and .io have become very popular, I myself have purchased about two dozen only to let them expire into obscurity. Don’t qwartz.wine – get qwartz.com qwartz.now, before it’s too qwartz.late! (The purchase price does include qwartz.co … for when your visiters have a typo moment).

Contact Information – For more information, please contact carl@computercarl.com or leave a message at +1.919.521.8687

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