Full-Stack Developer

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I love to code.  As such, I research and learn not only how to solve any issues, but learn the best way to solve any issues.


When it comes to software development, there is never a singular way to proceed. I have always have an inclination to adapt to the tools provided.


Though technologies like NodeJS, ReactJS, and noSQL are fairly new. I have already spent literally thousands of hours learning and practicing my craft.

If there’s only one thing you have to learn to become a full-stack developer – everything. This may sound like a strange adage, but anyone tasked with the technical task of getting from point A to B learns one thing very quickly: “The furthest distance between two points is a shortcut”.

When it comes to coding, the article you are reading from last month may no longer be the best method, or even work! There are always challenges to be met and I will always rise to the occasion.


  • Languages: CSS, HTML, Javascript (client and Node), (limited PHP)
  • Frameworks & Templating: React, jQuery, Handlebars, Pug, (limited Backbone), WordPress
  • Databases: MySQL, Mongo
  • Development Tools: VS Code, Atom, Kanboard, Git
  • Server Side / API: Node, Express, Feathers
  • Methodologies: Agile, (Limited TDD: Jest, Mocha), NPM, Cross-browser compatibility, Responsive design, CSS Media Queries, CSS Animation

For some demonstrations of my work, please visit the Showcase page.