Domain Portfolio

As web developers, we realize having the perfect domain names for our projects is very important. Here is a partial list of the domain names I have collected to develop my project ideas.

If you were directed here because of a domain you are interested in, but the domain is not listed below, please check the full products list or contact me directly.

You could start your next project with a premium domain name for under $100 per month! Domain names listed over $1,000 USD can now be leased from Computer Carl.

Of course, certain restrictions would apply to the content you can host under the leased domain name. Please see this sample lease agreement for more details.

For buyers using, all transaction fees will be reimbursed to you.

There is a Buy Now price, but all prices are negotiable. Please contact me directly with your offer.

Are these domains a little out of your budget? Try my domain name finder which searches thousands of common SEO terms and hundreds of alternative TLDs.