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An ASP Classic Forms Project Enhanced with React

Old interface vs new


  • Much of the interface had been written more than 15 years ago using ASP Classic.
  • The project owner decided to do things piecemeal.
  • In ASP, like PHP, there may be several pages involved in a process; one page may display a form, possibly submitted to a different page, and then possibly also redirected to yet another to display results.
  • There is no "API" available.
  • While engineering this solution, I was told the original ASP developer would be available to implement the ASP portions of the project. From the start of the project, there was no ASP developer available, so I assumed the role. Being that I was unfamiliar with both ASP and VBScript, the project took longer than anticipated and is still ongoing in piecemeal stages.

An updated interface using React


  • Learned ASP Classic and created a local test environment.
  • Learned VBScript to modify the ASP pages where necessary on render.
  • Created interactive components in React.
  • Created finite-state machines to prevent invalid form data submissions.
  • Tested views in browser and using XCode for mobile and tablet views.
  • Modify/constructed SQL queries to pull relevant data.
  • Created a live staging environment for project members to approve changes.
  • I redesigned a couple of views by cleaning them of archaic code and inline CSS, and added Tailwind CSS to style them.
  • To avoid, as much as possible, re-engineering the ASP application's business logic, to save the client money, and avoid having to create an API, I used the same page names to conduct the same abstract functionality.
  • To avoid the inherent copying and pasting which comes along with old-style web development, most views were recreated in React.
  • Utilized Vite as a development environment and to build the page assets.
  • Wrote a script to replace the asset requirements in all affected ASP pages, thus resolving caching issues with shared assets.
  • Copied the ASP page from the original server, stripped them of everything but skeleton HTML, reused/wrote SQL queries and pulled data, then created a React application to cover that portion of the web application.
  • Rendered ASP pages with JavaScript variables containing data necessary to build the React views.
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