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A Project Using Tailwind CSS, React, and Apollo

Diagram showing wireframe to finished components


  • Many design elements already existed in the UI, but no design boards were made available. I often had to go through existing code to find a similar element.
  • The backend was engineered and developed by another team using PHP Laravel.
  • The design of the project had already been created, and I was expected to create a fluid experience.
  • As debated in an official Tailwind CSS video overview, the benefits of creating React-style components while using Tailwind CSS are overshadowed by having the benefit of TWCSS concise syntax. This often involves a lot of copying and pasting.
  • Making small modifications to TWCSS can be challenging, as the entire class name must be provided, rather than using numeric variables. (e.g., where p-4 produces a certain amount of padding, p-${someNumber} would fail to be produced in the final CSS files.)
  • There were no logic flows provided, so I would have to often ask or assume the events triggered by a user action.
  • There were multiple teams, including the back-end team; and a separate front-end team, which had already designed and implemented much of the UX.

A sharp table component


  • Created finite-state machines for complex UI logic.
  • Created multiple modal and popup components.
  • Implemented Google geocoding resolutions.
  • Managed Apollo loading states for UX including loading indicators and error states.
  • Manually merged cache states in Apollo.
  • Programmed NextJS logic for views and data.
  • Interpreted wireframe diagrams and created views and logic from those diagrams.
  • Managed Jira issues for a small team of developers and a supervisor.
  • Created OpenVPN Docker container to manage VPN access to development database.
  • Created responsive layouts in all views.
  • Implemented Apollo subscriptions for multiple views.
  • Created logic diagrams of UX where necessary.
  • Used Storybook JS to develop components in isolation.
  • Resolved Webpack errors between Storybook and project framework.
  • Used React, GraphQL, Apollo, and Tailwind to create components and views for the application.
  • Added form upload functionality using GraphQL
  • Used Insomnia to test HTML transactions.
  • Tested mobile and tablet views in XCode simulators.
  • Created PHP Docker container to develop using local backend.
  • Added pagination features in Apollo.
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